Cancellous Allograft Products

The open trabecular structure of cancellous allograft has the same mineral structure and collagen as autograft bone and accelerates cell attachment and bone modeling. Its large trabecular surface area allows for increased blood flow to the graft site and creates an ideal environment for fast revascularization and remodeling to encourage incorporation. High concentrations of osteoblasts and osteocytes give cancellous bone superior osteogenic properties to promote healthy, strong bone through creeping substitution.


HansGBR makes it possible to purchase cancellous allograft products in chip and powder forms. Some of our solutions also apply as thicker putties for maximum support during procedures. Our mission at HansGBR is to provide dental professionals with the restorative and regenerative products necessary for quick patient recovery. Experts can use cancellous bone chips to make a patient's healing process more comfortable by filling voids and gaps in bone.


Benefits of Cancellous Bone Allograft Products


Our cancellous bone allograft products are versatile for a wide range of dental operations, especially where bone graft extenders are necessary. Professionals may also use listings for composite grafting.

There is no need to store cancellous allograft products in freezers, and you can use the products right before surgery begins. These solutions for the dental industry are highly flexible and registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Pack cancellous bone chips, powders and putties into different shapes to meet the requirements of various surgical sites.


Types of Cancellous Bone Allograft Solutions Available


  • - CANOSS™ is a Freeze Dried Bone Allograft composed of 100 cancellous bone in a curved syringe. This ready-to-use syringe is great in osteoconduction and osteoinduction. Ideal solution for Periodontal defects, Ridge & Sinus augmentation and composite sinus grafting.
  • - ExOss Plus™ is available in powder or chip form. This freeze-dried bone allograft (FDBA) contains both cancellous and cortical bone samples, so we recommend it for space maintenance and promoting healthy bone growth.
  • - HansGBR also offers ExFuse™ DBM putty providing excellent malleability. The putty features a mixture of cancellous bone and Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC). Use this product to promote mesenchymal cell proliferation and growing or regrowing bone. You can use ExFuse™ putty immediately, as no rehydration is required.


ExOss Plus™, ExFuse™ and CANOSS™ can be used at room temperature.


Order Cancellous Allograft Products Online From HansGBR


HansGBR supplies you with products from the largest bioengineering facility in Asia, Hans Biomed Corporation. All of our offerings are FDA 510 (k) cleared, and we can send orders anywhere in the United States.

Create an account with HansGBR to start the verification process. Once we verify your license, you can order cancellous allograft products online. We'll send you a link that provides pricing information for ExOss Plus™ and ExFuse™ cancellous allograft products. You can contact the HansGBR team for more information about grafting products.