Company Overview

Welcome to HansGBR, where guided bone regenerative products are manufactured directly from HansBiomed Corp.: the first tissue bank in Asia, with the aim to deliver quality, safe, and new possibilities to healthcare professionals and patients around the world. As a global leader in implant, restorative, and regenerative dentistry, we share your passion for safety and quality to achieve the best restorative outcomes.

With a dedicated R&D team focused on innovation and safety, we provide a broad range of products to specifically meet our providers’ needs. HansGBR creates newness never found anywhere else in the world.

HansGBR products are certified for ISO 13485, and maintains all applicable state licenses. In addition, HanGBR products are backed by clinical evidence that meets the highest standards of research.

HansGBR is committed to being your partner of choice for successful bone grafting.

HansBiomed Corp.

Established in

September 1999

Main Business

Allograft Tissue

Silicone Polymer

Medical Device

Bio Technology


7, Jeongui-ro 8-gil, Songpa-gu,

Seoul, Korea

Hans USA (US Branch)

Established in

March 2011

Business Location

New Jersey, US

Main Business

MINT PDO Threads

Human Bone and Skin Graft product

Hans Daeduk R&D Center

Completion date

June 2002


11337M2 (3500pyeong)

Research and manufacturing facilities

2517M2 (800pyeong)

1st floor: Sylicone polymer product

2nd floor: Skin Implant product

3rd floor: Bone graft product