Complete Guide to HansGBR Products

HansGBR commits to producing high-quality bone regenerative products for dental professionals. Our dedicated team focuses on safety and quality for restorative dental procedures. With an extensive catalog of premier dental products, HansGBR sets itself apart as a leader in the restorative dentistry field.

We offer many dental products, from putty and particulates to bone block products. All backed by the FDA, our offerings are safe and effective. Here is more about each HansGBR product and how it could benefit your practice.

Allograft Putty Products

HansGBR has several options for allograft putty. Putty is essential for protecting tooth sockets and assisting with bone formation in allograft surgeries. Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) putty is created from human bone samples and sodium hyaluronate. When used, it encourages bone growth in the mouth.

Here are some best uses for allograft putty:

  •  Lateral or augmented sinus alterations
  • Preservation of mouth ridges
  • Repair from bone trauma
  • Various fillings

We offer two types of allograft putties. SurFuse and ExFuse streamline the bone healing process and have FDA approval. Here is a little more about each product:

  • SurFuseSurFuse is a leader in DBM putty options. Made from a combination of DBM and Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) Carrier, this brand assists with new bone formation by stimulating cell growth.
  • ExFuse: ExFuse is another premiere DBM putty. It has a slightly different consistency, combining DBM with a solution of CMC Carrier and Cancellous Bone Chip. ExFuse also helps with bone regeneration and the grafting process.

Benefits of Putty

Using HansGBR DBM putty for oral surgeries provides many benefits. Here are a few:

  • Extremely malleable: You can easily mold DBM putty into the necessary shape for a dental procedure. There is little preparation to use both SurFuse and ExFuse putty, and the melding process is simple.
  • Remains in place: Due to its composition from allograft bone, DBM stays in a firm position during and after surgeries. It resists movement and water to occupy empty bone sockets.
  • FDA approved: The FDA registered all of HansGBR's products. Our putty is sterilized and research-tested to the uppermost standards.
  • Osteoinduction and bone conduction: Both putties induce bone growth and create bone matrix during the healing process.

HansGBR offers competitive prices that set us apart from other vendors. View our Surfuse and ExFuse bundling offers to buy more and save more. Build your inventory of trusted regenerative supplies while cutting costs at the same time.




Allograft Particulate Products

HansGBR also has a selection of allograft particulate products to suit your office's needs. Dental professionals usually use this substance for bone regeneration when a patient experiences trauma. Its primary use is to strengthen the damaged socket during the healing process. 

Other best uses of allograft particulate are:

  • Preparing mouths for implants
  • Securing implants after procedures
  • Rebuilding gums or jaws
  • Filling bone gaps
  • Adapting sinus structures

We carry the following allograft particulate products:

Benefits of Particulate

HansGBR's catalog of allograft particulates has many useful benefits for dental professionals. In addition to our FDA standardized sterilization practices, here are a few advantages of our products:

  • Easy handling: We package all our particulate products in easily movable jars. With this format, dental professionals can easily remove needed quantities without excess waste. The jars are also easy to store.
  • Syringe accessibility: Many dental surgeons choose particulates due to their compatibility with syringes. Professionals can measure the precise amount of particulate needed without errors.
  • Biocompatibility: The materials in our products blend seamlessly with bone tissue. Natural and secure, our materials feature no additives or fillers, making them the healthiest option for patients.

We set all HansGBR particulate products at reasonable costs. We also feature bundling options for particulate products. Buy ExOss, ExOss Plus, INGROSS and CANOSS at reduced rates when you try the bundle prices. This deal is a great opportunity to stock your office while saving extra money.

Allograft Bone Block Products

HansGBR also offers bone block products. Bone block grafting procedures intend to reinvigorate bone production in oral grafts. Many patients with long-term missing teeth or tooth trauma might begin to lose bone in the mouth. Surgeons raise the width and height of the missing area for implants so regeneration can occur in the mouth.

Bone block allografts assist with bone restoration. When placed in the mouth, it scaffolds the deteriorating bone in its regrowth. Surgeons use it in many procedures, from spinal fusion to bone fixation.

HansGBR offers D-Sure Block for bone grafting procedures. As an FDBA, it's made entirely of demineralized cancellous bone. It contains the perfect composition of cancellous bone for optimized bone regeneration.

Benefits of D-Sure Block

Our bone block offerings meet the highest research standards of the American Association of Tissue Banks (AATB) and the FDA. In addition to their high-quality composition, here are other benefits of D-Sure Block:

  • Extreme biocompatibility: D-Sure Block's 100% cancellous bone composition is highly compatible with the human mouth. It melds easily and starts the regeneration process quickly.
  • Elasticity: The elastic nature of D-Sure Block allows it to fit easily inside mouths.
  • Osteoinduction and bone conduction: Cancellous block is a superior inducer of bone growth. This product's composition allows it to stimulate regeneration within the bone grafts quickly and efficiently.

HansGBR also prices its bone block products at competitive rates. The top products combined with cost-effective prices set us apart as vendors.

Shop HansGBR Biomaterials Today

A leader in restorative and regenerative dentistry, HansGBR supplies top-quality products for dental surgeries around the world. We have a passion for safety, ensuring every product meets the highest possible standards. Our products are certified for ISO 13485 and backed by the highest medical research.

All of our putty, particulate and bone block products are available to purchase online. To buy, please create an account with us. Once you create an account, you can view more pricing information. Or, if you have any questions about our company or products, feel free to contact us

We look forward to hearing from you and helping your dental practice.


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