Allograft Particulate Products

Bone allograft particulates are used in surgical procedures to promote the regeneration of bone. Particulate allografts are mainly used within the dental industry when a patient experiences trauma. Traces of human tissue are combined with other ingredients to form a substance that makes the graft site stronger during the healing process.

HansGBR provides industry-leading bone regenerative products to healthcare professionals worldwide. Review our bone allograft particulate offerings that create new possibilities for dentists, oral surgeons and patients.


Benefits of Allograft Particulates


Allograft particulate products contain mineralized or demineralized bone samples for desirable effects. Healthcare professionals work with particulate allografts since they are easy to handle and store. All HansGBR allograft particulate materials have been sterilized according to the highest standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Bone allograft particulate products come in compact jars that are easy to move to surgical rooms. Dentists and oral surgeons can remove the correct amount of material from the container without wasting products during procedures. HansGBR allows healthcare experts to purchase bone allograft particulate products in specific volumes and particle sizes for diverse applications. Other benefits include:


  • - Particulate allografts offer excellent biocompatibility.
  • - Professionals can distribute particulates with syringes for accuracy.
  • - Select products feature a blend of cortical and cancellous bone samples.


Types of Allograft Particulate Products We Supply


HansGBR offers various allograft particulate products that are backed by clinical evidence. Review the information below to see which of our solutions are appropriate for your industry:


  • - ExOss™ Plus: This material is a freeze-dried product comprised of cortical and cancellous bone. These materials give you the advantages of a slow resorption rate and osteoconductive properties.
  • - INGROSS™: This particulate features a blend of 70% cortical bone and 30% demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft (DFDBA) materials. The mixture is useful for rapid bone regeneration procedures.
  • - ExOss™: This allograft particulate product contains 100% cortical bone. These particulates are effective for maintaining space, and they are typically used for dental bone grafting operations because of their osteoinductive properties.
  • - CANOSS™: Use a particulate with 100% cancellous bone to improve growth. Professionals may consider this freeze-dried bone allograft solution for remodeling or revascularization procedures.


Common Uses of Allograft Particulates


Healthcare professionals can use particulate allografts for a long list of dental procedures. Some of the most common uses of allograft particulates are:


  • - Preparing sites for dental implants.
  • - Correcting periodontal defects.
  • - Filling voids in bone.
  • - Stabilizing implants months after a procedure.
  • - Changing the structure of the sinuses.
  • - Rebuilding the gums and jaw.
  • - Regenerating bone near extraction areas.

The applications of mineralized and demineralized allograft products change based on the size and makeup of the particulates.


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