Long-term preservation method for skin tissue

Patent NO. 10-083384

Title of Invention: Long-term preservation method for skin tissue

Thread with open for plastic surgery

Patent NO. 10-0724706

Title of Invention: Thread with open pore for plastic surgery

Composition for promoting bone regeneration and restoration

Patent NO. 10-846836

Title of Invention: Composition for promoting bone regeneration and restoration

A Process for Preparing a Biomaterial for Tissue Repair

Patent NO. 10-0514582

Title of Invention: A process for preparing a Biomaterial for Tissue Repair

Acellular Dermal Matrix for Transplantation and Process for Preparing the Same

Patent NO. 10-0469661

Title of Invention: Acellular Dermal Matrix for Transplantation and Process for preparing the same

Production Methods of Virus Inactivated and Cell-Free body Implant

Patent NO. 10-791502

Title of Invention: Production methods of virus inactivated and Cell-free body implant