Allograft DBM Putty Products

Demineralized bone matrix (DBM) putty products consist of human bone samples from a donor. The human bone pieces are combined with sodium hyaluronate to form a putty substance that can be used during dental and surgical procedures. Professionals use DBM putty because the products give you similar benefits to traditional allograft particulates with fewer concerns that the solutions will move or wash away from a surgical area.

HansGBR sells both SurFuse and ExFuse DBM putty to encourage healthy bone formation. SurFuse combines demineralized freeze-dried bone allografts (DFDBA) with the plant-based carrier, carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) while ExFuse uses DFDBA with an anatomic mixture featuring cancellous bone and CMC. Both products are designed to promote mesenchymal cell proliferation for strong bones.


Benefits of DBM Putty


DBM putty products allow for easy handling. Allograft putty solutions like SurFuse and ExFuse are highly malleable so that the solutions take on a given shape during a medical procedure. DBM putty offerings from HansGBR have osteoinductive and osteoconductive properties. On the osteoinductive side, a DBM putty contains active bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) to aid bone formation. DBM putty solutions with cancellous bone are considered osteogenic once they are combined with bone marrow aspirate or patient tissues.

Other benefits of SurFuse and ExFuse allograft putties include:


  • - Our DBM putty products stay in place to fill bone voids.
  • - SurFuse and ExFuse streamline the bone healing process.
  • - Health professionals can store DBM putty at room temperature.
  • - There is little to no preparation required to use allograft putty.
  • - Our solutions are registered with the U.S. FDA.


SurFuse and ExFuse DBM Putty Features


The high-viscosity CMC contents of SurFuse and ExFuse allow you to use the DBM putties easily. Our DBM putty does not require rehydration for use, and healthcare experts benefit from using our products, as they are versatile for a wide range of procedures. 

The demineralized cortical bone samples used in SurFuse and ExFuse are free of additional lipids and minerals, which makes them highly biocompatible with human tissues. Allow bones to grow consistently thanks to natural bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) that help with regeneration through osteoinduction.


Uses of Allograft Putty Products


SurFuse and ExFuse allograft putty products are primarily used within the dental industry. HansGBR sees professionals utilize our allograft putty to respond to patient injuries and correct implants that call for attention. Here are some of the specific uses of our demineralized bone matrix putty products:


  • - Elevating the sinuses.
  • - Creating bases for dental implants.
  • - Protecting empty tooth sockets.
  • - Reversing the effects of mandibular tori.
  • - Correcting fenestration and dehiscence defects.
  • - Recreating the contours of the gums or jaw.
  • - Responding to an exposed dental implant.


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HansGBR offers guided bone regenerative products for dental and healthcare professionals. It's our mission to provide effective solutions for trained experts and their patients on a global scale. We prioritize safety with every regenerative solution we sell since all of our products are backed by clinical evidence that meets the highest standards of research.

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