Dental (Dermis)

Acellular Dermal Matrix

SureDerm is a sterile, Acellular Dermal Matrix (ADM), demineralized and freeze-dried human skin for implant, graft and membrane. After removal of the epidermis layer, the cells in the dermis layer are eliminated to avoid any immune rejection. The collagen and elastin architecture of the dermis layer is maintained so it provides a structural support for skin defects in cases like gingiva reconstruction. The ADM becomes patient’s own tissue by cell migration and blood vessel regeneration.

Types & Benefit of SureDerm

HansBiomed offers various products that are backed by clinical evidence. HansBiomed is a global supplier of implant, restorative and regenerative human bone & skin products. All HansBiomed regenerative products have been sterilized according to the highest standards of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Review the information below to see which of our solutions are appropriate for your industry:

  • - SureDerm Implant: Decellularized and freeze-dried human skin. Thickness of implant allows to restore depressions in the skin when folded or rolled.
  • - SureDerm Graft: Thinly made with the basement membrane intact to be used as a transplant on traffic accident and burn victims. Meshed and Non-meshed type available. Any size is availalbe upon request.
  • - SureDerm Dental Membrane: Used as dental membrane to cover and hold bone grafts. Ideal for membrane and gingiva reconstruction.
  • - BellaCell HD: Pre-hydrated Acellular Dermal Matrix derived from human dermis, processed to remove cells while preserving the 3Dstructure and the integrity of Dermal Matrix to support regeneration.


Many healthcare professionals choose SureDerm because of following benefits.

  • - Provides the equivalent safety and advantage of autograft
  • - Easy to use: Only needs 10 minutes of rehydration before application
  • - Cost effective: Short surgery time
  • - Long shelf life: 3 years without refrigeration (store at room temperature)

Spine / Orthopedic / Podiatry:

  • - Variety of usage: High elasticity is ideal for various surgical procedures such as SCR, Patch Augmentation, Achilles, Tendon & Ligament Reconstruction, Soft-tissue Defect, Wound and burn patient treatment
  • - No side effect: Graft remodels as autogenous tissue, reducing donor site trauma
  • - No migration: Graft integrates with surrounding tissue


- Used as absorbable membrane to cover and hold bone grafts

- Penicillin included

Plastic Surgery:

  • - Variety of usage: High elasticity is ideal for various surgical procedures such as Breast Reconstruction and Rhinoplasty

Common Uses of SureDerm ADM

Healthcare professionals can use SureDerm for a long list of surgical procedures in variety of medical field.

 Some of the most common uses are:

  • - Gingiva Augmentation
  • - Breast Reconstruction
  • - Rhinoplasty
  • - Rotator Cuff Repair
  • - Tendon Augmentation
  • - Posterior Hip Capsule & Reconstruction
  • - Superior Capsular Reconstruction
  • - Ulnar Collateral Ligament Reconstruction
  • - Chronic Diabetic Foot Ulzer
  • - Soft Tissue Defect
  • - Wound and Burn Treatment