Cortical Bone Allograft Products

With its dense compact structure, cortical allograft possesses excellent structural integrity and can remodel into both a dense lamellar structure and natural viable bone. It is used in space maintenance and volume enhancement procedures such as sinus lift, ridge augmentation and socket preservation. Slower resorption time allows for cortical bone to maintain an open network and enlarge canal space for the proliferation of osteoblasts to form strong, healthy bone.

If your practice calls for cortical bone allograft products, HansGBR is your source for regenerative and restorative solutions. We are a global leader in our industry, which means we can back the cortical bone chips, powders and putties you see with credible, clinical data. Use our cortical bone allograft offerings to keep patients comfortable, complete surgeries with user-friendly materials and encourage recovery.


Benefits of Cortical Bone Allograft Products


All our cortical bone allograft products consist of human tissues from donors. Specifically, cortical bone samples come from long bones in the body like the femur, humerus and tibia. Because the tissues derive from dense bones, our chips, powders and putties make it achievable to regenerate bones with a focus on strength and thickness.

Our cortical bone allograft products require minimal preparation before use. Oral surgeons use cortical bone allograft products for benefits such as:


  • - You may keep cortical bone allograft solutions in ambient temperatures.
  • - HansGBR sells cortical bone chips, powders and putties that are registered with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • - Most of our cortical bone allograft products are available in different volumes.


We Sell Several Cortical Bone Allograft Solutions


HansGBR ensures you have a vast selection of cortical bone allograft solutions for your office:



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HansGBR supplies healthcare professionals with high-quality allograft solutions. We strive to provide cortical bone allograft products that help you to explore new surgical opportunities for patients. Therefore, we go above and beyond competitors by selling products that are FDA 510 (k) cleared for safety.

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