Demineralized Bone Allograft Products

Demineralized bone, prepared from acid extraction of allograft bone, exposes biologically active bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) and promotes enhanced osteoinductivity.

Dental professionals work with the bones near the teeth. For special procedures, demineralized bone allograft products help promote healthy bone formation. A demineralized allograft solution contains authentic human bone tissues that have had inorganic minerals stripped away, leaving just the collagen protein matrix.

Select products available through HansGBR use human bone tissues and sodium hyaluronate to create putties that stay in place throughout a procedure. Our offerings allow healthcare professionals to complete surgeries efficiently while encouraging mesenchymal cell proliferation for stable bones and short recovery times.


Benefits of Demineralized Bone Allograft Products


Dentists and oral surgeons use demineralized allografts for various tasks because the demineralization process makes putty and particulate products highly biocompatible with patient tissues. Individuals can handle demineralized allograft solutions with syringes and surgical tools for precision.

Select demineralized bone allograft products have osteoinductive and osteoconductive characteristics. Solutions containing bone morphogenic proteins (BMP) promote bone formation, which is an osteoinductive property. Any products featuring cancellous bone samples become osteogenic in nature after they are combined with bone marrow aspirate. 

HansGBR demineralized materials help you to achieve faster healing results when compared to alternative bone substitutes. The details below describe additional benefits of demineralized bone allograft products:


  • - All HansGBR demineralized products are registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
  • - Demineralized putties and particulates require little preparation before surgery.
  • - Our demineralized solutions stay in place and resist washing away.
  • - Dental professionals can store demineralized products at room temperature.


About INGROSS™, ExFuse™ and SurFuse™ Demineralized Solutions


INGROSS™ contains 30% demineralized freeze-dried bone allograft material. Healthcare experts use INGROSS™ powder for structural support during procedures. Apply the substance with a syringe to stimulate new bone formation when injected into an implant site.

ExFuse™ and SurFuse™ are allograft putty products you can use without rehydration. Both putties are made up of demineralized bone and contain zero added lipids for excellent biocompatibility. ExFuse™ and SurFuse™ use Carboxymethylcellulose (CMC) as a carrier ingredient to make spreading the materials manageable. Note that SurFuse™ putty features demineralized cortical bone ingredients while ExFuse™ is made up of cancellous bone samples.


Uses of Demineralized Allograft Putties and Particulates


HansGBR is known for providing bone regenerative products that are safe and effective. Our demineralized allograft product selection is tailored for the dental industry. Consider using our products for the procedures below:


  • - Reconstructing the mouth around a dental implant
  • - Completing sinus lift surgeries
  • - Reshaping a patient's gums and jaw
  • - Covering tooth sockets post-extraction
  • - Removing tumors near the mouth


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