Mineralized Bone Allograft Products

Mineralized bone offers excellent osteoconductive scaffold for bone regeneration by maintaining the required space and volume during the remodeling phase. The graft appears radiopaque on PA and Pano radiographs and provides a clear visualization and assessment of the bone density.

Professionals working in the dental field need reliable allograft products to perform reconstructive surgeries and extractions. Mineralized bone allograft products help oral surgeons promote faster bone regeneration for controlled healing and a pleasant patient experience.

As a global leader in restorative and regenerative dentistry products, HansGBR offers mineralized bone allograft solutions that save you time working around a patient's teeth, gums, and jaw. Use our allograft offerings registered with the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to complete procedures.


Benefits of Mineralized Bone Allograft Products


Our mineralized bone allograft products are made up of human bone samples. The cortical or cancellous bone tissues included in each product still contain natural minerals to promote strong growth when used in surgical procedures. These materials can expedite the patient's healing process and enhance bone stability in the weeks following surgery.

HansGBR mineralized bone allograft offerings are processed and sterilized based on FDA standards. Most of our products can be used with curved syringes for straightforward handling. What's more, storing mineralized bone allograft products is simple since the particulates should be kept in ambient temperatures 24/7.

With HansGBR, you can order mineralized bone graft solutions in volumes appropriate for your practice. Our products arrive at your office in small canisters. You can remove the lids when you are ready to use the particulates for minimal preparation pre-surgery. Other advantages of using mineralized bone allograft products include:


  • - There is no need to create multiple incisions.
  • - You can prioritize space maintenance.
  • - Our products are backed by clinical research.
  • - Each product supports outstanding biocompatibility.


Multiple Mineralized Bone Allograft Solutions Available


For successful bone grafting, choose HansGBR for allograft solutions that create new possibilities for healthcare professionals and patients. We provide more than one mineralized bone graft solution for your office. Choose between particulates in powder and chip forms to find the option that best meets your needs. The information below will tell you more about our available products:



Uses of Mineralized Bone Allograft Products


Your practice can use mineralized bone allograft powders and chips for many reasons. Dentists, oral surgeons and other healthcare professionals may use solutions from HansGBR for the procedures below:


  • - Filling an extraction site
  • - Elevating a patient's sinus floors
  • - Reshaping the gums or jaw
  • - Positioning dental implants
  • - Repairing bones that have yet to heal
  • - Completing ridge augmentation procedures
  • - Preserving tooth sockets after extraction


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HansGBR delivers dentistry products that are safe for healthcare experts and their patients. We help you acquire the mineralized allograft particulates you seek to complete operations.

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